Dream Closet, Dream Home// Finding Accessories That Compliment Your Style

It’s been said that you can practically know a woman by looking at what is in her closet. Why isn’t it said that you can practically know a woman by looking into her living room? Your style shouldn’t only be expressed through your clothes but also your home decor. I think we’ve found a few pieces that you will love.


Expressions NYC “Rome Stone Clutch” in metal and satin


This mirror pillow reflects the clutch’s bright design. This pillow can be used on your favorite leather chair or in-between other pillows on your living room sofa.


Lulu’s “It’s a Snap Black Handbag” in faux leather


The design on this pillow encompasses sophisticated funky style, a limbo style I think a lot of us find our selves becoming drawn to. Lulu’s bag also has an extremely classy feel to it but is created in a cute pentagon-like shape rather than the traditional rectangle structure.

Screenshot 2014-07-12 15.15.41

Kendra Scott “Rayne Necklace” in 14k gold-plated brass with teal magnetite detail


Who doesn’t love a gold and teal combination. Take this inspiration to your side table, coffee table, counter, or shelf!

Screenshot 2014-07-12 15.17.29

Roberta Chiarella “Horizon Hoops” in 24k gold-plated brass


Geometry may not have been you favorite math lesson, but we can’t help falling in love with geometric patterns. Whether it’s dangling from your ear or covering a comfy chair, geometric shapes adds interest to your style.


Dolce and Gabbana “Sara Handbag” in leather


D&G specializes in creating classic beautiful designs, while we specialize in creating your personal beautiful design. I love the texture created by this trow. Such an easy way to add sophistication to a room without breaking the bank (I can’t say that last part about the handbag though).


Balmain Necklace “brass necklace” in brass


A gold statement necklace is a must to have in your stash of jewelry, just like this beautiful lamp is a must to have in your possibilities for lighting in a room. Depending on the lampshade, this piece could be paired with a variety of room styles, traditional to contemporary.


Imoshion “Clinton” in faux leather and faux suede bag with stud and zipper detail


A little studding never hurt nobody. In fact, I think it creates movement on both the bag and pillow. I would gravitate into any store that had this bag sitting on display, just like how this pillow will draw you into the room it occupies.

Don’t be afraid to be bold just because you think it’s best to do what is in a magazine. Throw some of your own style into a space, because your style is perfect for you!


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