Springing In Love with Your Home//Can Your Home Really Be Everything You Want It To Be?


What is it that everyone wants? If you watch any design shows on HGTV, you’ll see that all the homeowners have a different list of what they want or need. But it is really all the same!  Let me tell you why.  As a designer having worked with many elite clients in my career, even though the project specs and budgets are different, I have noticed that everyone really does want the same thing: “I want my home to be everything for OUR family!”

CPI Bernhardt leath sectional LR
Beautiful Bernhardt Living Room


In general, we are all in the same situation. Most of us love our subdivision, love our school systems, and love our neighbors. However, we’ve lost the “love appeal” of our homes. “I wish we would have finished that room”, or, “I wish we would have picked a different countertop or tile”, and “I can’t stand all the stains on our furniture any longer!”   Some homes just need an update.  Now, this example from the 1970’s from uglyhousephotos.com may be a bit extreme, but you get the idea!


living room ugly tacky gaudy Las Vegas type colorful carpet Florissant Missouri home house for sale real estate photo
Circa 1970s Living Room!  HELP!


My best advice?  Keep it TIMELESS.  But, let me clarify that timeless does not mean traditional. Timeless means staying up to date on trending styles, but making those styles come to life with details instead of replacing furniture pieces every season. Keep the sofa neutral and leave the pattern to pillows, window treatments and accents. A good design team will save you money by selecting the right pieces to pull it all together the first time. The biggest issue I see constantly is homeowners trying to pull together a look they like from a big chain store. They buy as is and the scale is not correct for their space, rugs are too small, fabrics are different in various spaces, all yielding an end result that costs way too much for a piece milled effect.


Custom TAU (C424-93-JT-BEB)_2013
Visit CPI for this Gorgeous Theodore Alexander room!

Set realistic, attainable goals for what is going to make your home right again for your changing family. By selecting the right pieces within your budget, fabrics and accessories, and the right designer, you can walk into your dream home every time you walk in the front door.



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