Treat Your Windows: Interview with a Workroom// Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

Custom Great Room Drapes

A room without window treatments is like Louis without Vuitton, Thelma without Louise, or Trick or Treating without candy!  Dressing your windows is simply a must.  Window treatments lend comforting warmth to your space and a sense that the  room is complete.

So what’s all the fuss about window treatments anyway?  You can just get some ready made panels and be done, right?  Of course!  Okay, that’s it…blog over.  But wait!   What if your windows and walls are too tall and ready-made won’t reach the floor?  What then?  What about lining them?  Should you or shouldn’t you?  What if you can’t find the right shade to match the other fabrics you’ve used in your room?  Now what?  Never fear!  This blog is for you.

Custom Sitting Room Shades

There are so many options: drapes, panels, shades, valances, etc., it can be hard to know what is right for your windows and wall that will complement your taste and style.  Should you purchase ready-made drapery panels, or go custom?   In this two part interview, Tracie Bresnahan, who runs the CPI workroom, will  impart her vast knowledge and experience to answer this very question.

Seriously…what is the difference?

1. Ready-made vs. Custom – which should you get?

Well, it really depends on the function.  Ready-made panels are great if you just want something simple and stationery hanging on each side of the window, provided there is a fabric that fits the bill for you.  If you want to actually close the drapes to cover the window, you may think about having them custom made, especially if your windows are not a standard size.

2. What about lining my window treatments?

Unless you are choosing a sheer fabric and WANT light to shine through, linings are a definite yes.  It is recommended to line your window coverings to protect the fabric, as well as to block light.  Some ready-made panels come with a lining, although you should be prepared to replace it in a few years.  Generally these linings are thin and won’t hold up over time.  And remember, most panels will not cover your window, so there’s not much functionality to block light if they don’t close all the way.  For custom drapes that close over your window, lining them shouldn’t even be a question.

Image result for Pictures using Creative threads drapes
Ready Made Panels               Photo Credit:  Half Price Drapes

3. What have you noticed regarding the quality of Ready-made versus Custom panels?

Ready-made panels are a great option, especially if you have standard 96″ or 108″ windows or doors.  Depending on the company manufacturing them, my experience is that there are inconsistencies in the product.  One client had tan linen ready-made panels that varied by 3 inches for 96″ panels.  We found a way to fix them of course!  If you choose ready made, what you are purchasing is a great deal and can function very nicely in your home.  Keep in mind that they are mass produced and there will be variation in sizes, and possibly irregularities in the fabric.  It is unlikely that every bolt of fabric will be perfect in a mass produced setting.  Should you choose to have your treatments custom made, you should expect them the fit perfectly, exactly to your specs, every time.

4.  Yes, but what about the value of Custom vs. Ready-Made??

For this answer and more…Stay Tuned:  Part II of “Interview with a Workroom” coming soon!

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