Can We Have a Word?

Happy 2018!

A new year…a new beginning!  We are always so excited about the prospects a new year can bring.  New challenges, new people to meet, beautiful new spaces to design!  But, before we leave 2017 completely in the dust, we at Cynthia Porche Interiors and Porche HOME must say that we are incredibly grateful for all that 2017 offered us, the friends we made, and the trust our clients put in us to deliver the space of their dreams.  Any day is a great day to decide what your dream(s) will be for this year!

Many people put their dreams into a single word for the year.  You’ve heard of that, right?  You focus on this word for the year, and it helps guide you and your decisions to reach your goals.  We’ve decided our word is GRATEFUL.

We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love!  We are grateful for our health and the ability to wake up each day with purpose.  We are grateful for our families, and all the love, support and craziness that comes with them!  We are grateful for our friends, our chosen family.  And, we are grateful for our clients, who give us the opportunity to be creative, who trust us with their vision, and who basically live with us in their homes!   Here are some of the dreams that came true in 2017:

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GRATEFUL.  There are many more reasons to be grateful, and therein lies challenge for 2018.  How many more reasons can we find to be grateful?

What is your word for 2018?



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