Q & A with Cynthia Porche// A Must Read Expose

Q & A with Cynthia Porche// A Must Read Expose

A Must Read before you embark on any design project!


Dream Closet, Dream Home// Finding Accessories That Compliment Your Style

It's been said that you can practically know a woman by looking at what is in her closet. Why isn't it said that you can practically know a woman by looking into her living room? Your style shouldn't only be expressed through your clothes but also your home decor. I think we've found a few [...]

Rock-A-Bye Baby // Little Things For Your Little One

When you think of rooms that need interior design help, you usually think of a living room or bedroom, maybe a kitchen or a bathroom, right? What about a nursery? Funny how we neglect the ascetics and comfort of one of the most important rooms in the  house. The little details are what make your [...]

Whats the S(t)itch // Monograms on the Rise

I am so excited to see monograms emerge from the archives of ‘previous fashion statements’ and sweep the closets of high school girls and sorority stars. The best thing about this trend coming back is that it is most definitely new and improved. Advances in the monogram world have allowed an abundance of available fonts [...]

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore // Bringing Summer Into Your Home

Did you have an amazing trip to Hilton Head? Or Destin? Maybe Turks and Caicos?  Let me tell you that you can enjoy that trip all summer (or year) long. The best way to bring in that saltwater breeze and cool relaxation is by actually bringing the beach home with you. We all know your [...]

Pillow Fight! // Pillows and Comforters

Hypothetically speaking, your son, and his comforter, is being sent off to college in the fall leaving you with the skeleton of a bedroom. He took all of his personality pieces with him opening your imagination for this once dark, masculine bedroom. Why not change it into the guest room you always wanted? He only will [...]