Events // Pink Strong 2014 AND Bling Party

Our company is a sponsor of Johns Creek High School cheerleaders charity event, Pink Strong 2014 and this years recipient is LIVING, The Karen Wellington Foundation. We are raising money to support women living with breast cancer and 100% of all money raised will be donated to KWF. This foundation is able to put 100% [...]

Celebrity Style Crush // Pieces You, and Jessica Alba, will love

Who wouldn't love to have killer confidence and major style like Jessica Alba? I know I would love to have her closet! We found some beautiful pieces that you, and Jessica, will absolutely adore. Because this is an ombre colored blanket, it works in spaces with any shade of teal, because this blanket actually encompasses [...]

Dream Closet, Dream Home// Finding Accessories That Compliment Your Style

It's been said that you can practically know a woman by looking at what is in her closet. Why isn't it said that you can practically know a woman by looking into her living room? Your style shouldn't only be expressed through your clothes but also your home decor. I think we've found a few [...]

When I Grow Up // 5 Steps to Transforming Your Nursery Into A Child’s Room

Although we sometimes wish they would, our little babies don’t stay babies forever, and in turn their nurseries shouldn’t stay nurseries forever. You might think that completely changing your child’s room means a huge price tag but I’m here to tell you that is not the case. There are some simple steps to transform a [...]

Rock-A-Bye Baby // Little Things For Your Little One

When you think of rooms that need interior design help, you usually think of a living room or bedroom, maybe a kitchen or a bathroom, right? What about a nursery? Funny how we neglect the ascetics and comfort of one of the most important rooms in the  house. The little details are what make your [...]

Let’s Be Frank // Impressive Hotdog Recipes for the Fourth

If there are hamburgers there have to be hotdogs as well right? Why not prepare the best hamburgers AND hotdogs in the neighborhood? These recipes will have your guests begging you to throw another cookout this summer!   Steak House DogServes 4 // Hands-On Time: 10m // Total Time: 10m Ingredients:4 hot dogs4 hot dog buns, split2 plum tomatoes, sliced1/4 white onion, thinly sliced1/4 cup steak [...]

Keep Calm and Grill On // Burger Recipes for the Fourth

Can’t you just smell the hamburgers and hear the sizzle of the grill? Is your mouth watering just thinking about the great food that will be at the cookout tomorrow? Oh, YOU are having the cookout?! Well in that case I think you could use a few crowd pleasing burger recipes to ensure your guests [...]

Every Heart Beats True for the Red, White, and Blue // Ideas for the Perfect Fourth of July Celebration

What do you love most about the Fourth of July? The abundance of fireworks? Or American flags everywhere you turn? I don’t know about you but our favorite part is the festivities with friends and family. With only two days left to prepare, we have some quick and easy ideas to impress your friends (and [...]