In the Know// Design Trends for 2016

Whether it’s fashion, technology, interior design, or even Twitter, we all want to know “what’s trending?” Experts will tell you that there is a fine line between designing for the trends and incorporating trends in your interior design. It’s hard to know which trends will become classic, and which classics will become trendy again. But, we know for sure, design, like anything else is cyclical, and old does become new again!

If you redesign in 2016, HOUZZ lays out 25 trends their experts have seen develop for this year. We’ve chosen several that we like, and that we think could translate to become classics in your home!

1. Black Stainless Appliances – SO sleek! Not quite that bold? Grey and Bronze Stainless are options, too.

2. Deep Kitchen Drawers – are being used to replace doors on lower kitchen cabinets. Functionality is the prime motivator here.

3. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets – Imagine the impact of dark cabinets on top and light on bottom with black stainless appliances! Stunning!


4. Mixed Modern Materials for the Kitchen – Houzz suggests using different countertops for the butcher block and baking station, and different modern materials, finishes and colors to create a sophisticated, eclectic kitchen.

5. Heated Entryway Floors – Pure Heaven on a cold winter day! Why limit them to only the bathroom?



6. Statement Bathroom Mirrors – No more plain rectangular mirrors in the Powder Room! Give that little room some attitude…think shape, think vintage, think outside the rectangle!




7. No-tech Family Rooms – Parents have had it with technology and are declaring war…at least in their living rooms! They are designing these rooms to be, according to Houzz, “decorated, balanced, and functional”. Perfect for family game night!  Who’s going to land on Park Place and Boardwalk?

8. Outdoor Fabric Used Indoors – The outdoor fabrics of late are impressive! No wonder people have decided to start using them indoors. They look great and are incredibly durable…what’s not to love!

9. Formal Dining Rooms – Again, a shout out to ditching technology for some togetherness and a perfect place to entertain.

10. Bidets – Yes, you heard right! Bidets! Houzz reports that 5% of people are adding bidets to their bathrooms these days. Manufacturers offer a toilet/bidet combo to accommodate this trend. Very European!

One more trend we noticed in our research that was not listed on the Houzz Top 25, but listed by several other design experts:



11. GOLD – It’s making a comeback. Not brassy, shiny gold, but gold and other subdued metallics that are sure to get noticed and provide a rich and luxe effect for any room.





2016 is looking like a year that will reveal trendy, stylish and sophisticated homes! Will one of them be yours?

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