CUSTOM//It’s NOT what you think!

CUSTOM!  The word alone evokes luxury, uniqueness, and a high price tag.  What does it really mean to have something CUSTOM?  Really, it’s NOT what you think!

We are addicted to watching Fixer Upper on HGTV!  It is always fascinating to see which house the clients select and then how the project unfolds from an undesirable space to “their home”, amidst all the inevitable challenges.   And, of course, who doesn’t like Chip and Joanna Gaines?  We love their show because this is what we, as interior designers, do every day. We take what a less than desirable house, part of a house or room, has to offer and expand on it to give it the personality of the client that makes it their own. Many times, this means designing a “custom” look and using “custom” trim, furniture or window treatments.


CPI price-cut

CUSTOM means the client can have what is updated and what fits with their home, taste, and lifestyle.   Custom does NOT mean a high price tag!  You do not have to conform to cookie cutter ideas because custom doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’.   You can make your project what you love so you can love where you live on almost any budget.  How?  By choosing wisely, and staying true to your vision and the plan that has been CUSTOM designed just for you!


CPI foyer
Photo:  Cynthia Porche Interiors

CUSTOM means a tangible expression of what YOU desire to make your space, your vision come to life.  Many times, people see something on television and decide that’s what they want without realizing that what’s on TV is custom!  Interior finishes and paint colors can be custom.   Windows, doors, trim, furniture and accessories can all be customized for you and your project.





RowHouse ReBorn
Photo: Adams + Beasley Associates

CUSTOM doesn’t mean “top of the line”.   For instance, take kitchen cabinets for example. Kitchen cabinets are the same in many homes; the same style or small variation, same width, height, etc. But what if your ceilings are higher than standard?  What if your walls have challenging angles or your room has special constraints that call for something different?  Go custom.  Just because you need or want something different doesn’t mean it has to be the top of the line or the most expensive.  There are many options that will give you the perfect version of what you need without paying a fortune.  Especially if you are working with a challenging space, we highly recommend working with a designer as he or she can help you find just the right fit for your budget.



Lastly, CUSTOM means affordable style, not puzzle pieces.


Some clients make the mistake of seeing something they like and buying it, thinking it’s the perfect custom piece or pieces for their space, only to get it home and it’s completely wrong.  Or, they pick a paint color that looks different in their home than it did in the store or at a friend’s house.  There could be a lack continuity because they have used different contractors and sources.  These scenarios can turn into design problems when the choices are not right for the space in terms of color, style or scale.   Then, it’s time to call in the design calvary!   A designer can help you redesign or renovate to put the puzzle pieces together, tweak colors and fabrics, add and subtract pieces and accents to fit your space perfectly and beautifully so you have a custom room, created just for you!

Do not settle.  You do not have to conform!  You CAN have a CUSTOM design for your home that matches your lifestyle, your space and your budget.

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